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Published:October 1st, 2009 11:30 EST
"So You Think You Can Dance" Scandal: Dancer Exposes Lady Parts

"So You Think You Can Dance" Scandal: Dancer Exposes Lady Parts

By Robert Paul Reyes


Raunchiness and reality TV usually go hand-in-hand, but "So You Think You Dance" is an exception to the rule. The hit Fox show is family-friendly fare, and the entire family (including granny) can gather together and view this delightful program.

"Some people feel reality TV contestants allow themselves to be over-exposed. But not usually this over-exposed.

A female auditioner on Tuesday night`s episode of "So You Think You Can Dance" was so elated when judge Little C told her she was going to Vegas; she rolled around on the floor.

Only it appears she wasn`t wearing any underwear."Read more:

Olivia Smith who wrote the article for the New York Daily News says that "it`s impossible to say whether contestant #22036 was in fact completely uncovered", but I can clearly see her lady parts.

As my regular readers know I`m not a prude, in fact I`ve been accused of being a "commie liberal who is leading America to perdition." But I am aghast at nerve of the contestant, and I hope that the producers kick her to the gutter where she belongs.

It`s an outrage that this nameless contestant tried to undermine a family show, if she wanted to let her freak flag fly high she could have auditioned for countless of dubious reality shows.

We haven`t heard from the contestant, and she will probably claim that she was overcome with exuberance and didn`t intentionally flash the audience. But let`s get real: If you are auditioning for a family show, put on some drawers!

Out of respect to moral sensitivities of my readers I won`t post a direct link to the video showing the dancer exposing herself. But if you want to view the slo-mo video you can find it at PerezHilton.Com