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Published:October 5th, 2009 17:43 EST
Judyth Piazza chats with Josh Sands, Creator and Founder of the Hollywood Film & Acting Academy

Judyth Piazza chats with Josh Sands, Creator and Founder of the Hollywood Film & Acting Academy

By Judyth Piazza CEO (Editor)

Josh Sands: from Hollywood with Love

He considers that real practice is the best way to learn how to make films, and it is something that all his many students enjoy tremendously in his school

By Juan Rodriguez Flores

Josh Sands, creator and founder of the Hollywood Film and Acting Academy school, in operation since 2004, is a young, passionate filmmaker whose mission in life is to make come true the aspirations of those who wish to use the language of film and acting to express themselves.

A native of San Antonio, Texas, the place where his family resides, Sands had his first contact with cinema at 17 years of age, when he welcomed the opportunity of taking part as PA (Production Assistant) in the shooting of a series pilot called Border Patrol ".

A year later, already 18, Sands wrote the story of his first short film, that he titled Brothers ". Immediately after he set down to write, shoot, and produce the film Rhythm and Hues ". Motivated by the auspicious results obtained with the film, he threw himself to the task of independently studying everything that was necessary about motion picture film production, until he realized it was time to get enrolled in a film school.

After the first three months in this scholarly institution, Josh Sands came to the conclusion that he had learned more about film in the daily practice, out in the real world, working with film professionals, than through class theory.

This realization was one of the reasons I had the idea of creating a film school like the one I now have as my responsibility, " Sands has often repeated in interviews.

Here students come to learn and collaborate with people with experience to share in different areas of filmmaking (actors, editors, directors of photography, producers, screenwriters, and directors). And this way they don`t need to spend thousands of dollars to acquire the readiness necessary to develop their careers in the Hollywood industry or any other throughout the world ".

Apart from offering such novel education program, students that come to Los Angeles to take part in any of the courses offered by the Hollywood Film and Acting Academy have the opportunity to put in practice, simultaneously, what they learn on a daily basis.

When every one of our students comes out of our school they leave with a finished short film or a full length motion picture already made, with which they can prove that they know how to make movies and understand how it is produced "- Sands explained recently. And those who enroll in the acting track also acquire experience collaborating in these films ".

The ideas applied by Josh Sands in the implementation of the Hollywood Film and Acting Academy were, from the very beginning, based on three basic principles.

-Avoid students from paying onerous school loans too long after they finished with their studies. The low-cost of Sand`s school avoids this pitfall.

-Give students the highest quantity of information about film production in the shortest time.

-Facilitate to each student the chance to experiment, in a very direct way, everything that happens in a film shoot. Through this method, the student can realize, from an insider`s point of view, how is it that the film and television industries work.

Satisfied of knowing that he is helping other film lovers to make their dreams come true, Josh Sands see with optimism the future of the Hollywood Film and Acting Academy since he considers that real practice is the best way to learn how to make films. And it is something that all his many students enjoy tremendously in his school, among which there is a well represented percentage of Latinos, Philipinos, and Mexican, as well as U.S. students.

To obtain more information about the courses and programs of the Hollywood Film Acting Academy studio (located in 1786 N. Highland Ave. Hollywood, Ca. 90028) you could call (323) 962-8554         (323) 962-8554 or visit their website at

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