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Published:October 5th, 2009 18:44 EST
Lindsay Lohan's Raunchy Leggings Ad

Lindsay Lohan's Raunchy Leggings Ad

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Lindsay Lohan is apparently too big to appear on `Celebrity Big Brother,` but she`s not above modeling ripped leggings.

The scandal-plagued starlet currently appears in ads for her line of leggings, 6126 - named for Marilyn Monroe`s birth date (June 1, 1926.)

Lohan lustily poses in the leggings, clutching a stri*per pole in one shot and wearing a ripped pair that reveals much of her leg. The garments will run between $60 and $132."

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Lindsay Lohan clutching a strip*er pole is as much a cliché as a dog urinating on a fire hydrant or Oprah Winfrey gobbling bon bons. Aren`t there any advertising executives with any imagination? How about an ad depicting Lohan reading a book or working on a crossword puzzle that would really get our attention.

Some young girls will buy anything that bears the Lohan brand, but parents might think twice about buying Lohan leggings for their daughters when they see the provocative ad. Not a very smart move by the clothing manufacturer, who the hell is calling the shots, Lohan?

Anyone who wastes $132 on a pair of Lohan leggings deserves to be impaled by a strip*er pole.