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Published:October 8th, 2009 18:30 EST
Amy Winehouse's Neighbors Can't Stand Her

Amy Winehouse's Neighbors Can't Stand Her

By Robert Paul Reyes


Troubled British singer Amy Winehouse has angered her neighbours with her early morning recording and loud partying.

A neighbour said, `I`m so fed up with the situation,` and slammed the door. Winehouse had moved to the $2.3 million (1.4 million pounds) property at Hadley Wood, north London, in March after returning from St Lucia. Read More

Whenever a celebrity is described as "troubled" by the media, you know that she`s a train wreck. We will know that Winehouse has finally overcome her addictions when the press uses other adjectives to describe the controversial singer.

When Winehouse moves into a neighborhood, property values take a dive. I sympathize with the neighbors, by any means necessary they should drive her away.

For the sake of her longsuffering neighbors and for her own good Amy Winehouse should go to rehab. Winehouse will probably score some crack on the way home from her stint in rehab, but at least her neighbors will have enjoyed a respite from the low-life singer.