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Published:October 8th, 2009 15:51 EST
Homer Simpson Advocate For Healthy Eating?

Homer Simpson Advocate For Healthy Eating?

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Forget all the pizza and doughnuts -- the British government wants fans of `The Simpsons` to ditch junk food and eat more healthily.

The Department of Health is spending 640,000 pounds ($1 million) to sponsor episodes of the long-running U.S. cartoon series broadcast on Channel 4, as part of its Change4Life campaign.

Before the start of the sponsored shows, cartoon characters pretending to be the members of the dysfunctional animated family are shown sitting on a sofa tucking into ice cream and chips which then morph into more healthy alternatives." Reuters

Homer Simpson is one of the most appealing characters on TV because he keeps it real. There isn`t a smidgen of artifice or pretence in Homer, if he is happy he will twirl around on the floor like an exuberant school girl. If Homer sees a donut he won`t spend a nano second contemplating how many calories it contains, he will simply gobble it in one bite.

A nutritionally conscious Homer Simpson is an abomination, we love him because of his excesses. A calorie-counting Homer would be as unnatural as a teetotaling Amy Winehouse, it just ain`t right!

The sequence were the ice-cream-eating Simpson family morphs into a more health conscious version of themselves is bound to give small children nightmares. They will dream that their hot dog and chips is going to morph into spinach and granola bars.

The Simpsons` target audience isn`t going to fall for this behavior modification trickery, they will just snicker and stuff their mouths with Cheetos.