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Published:October 10th, 2009 18:37 EST

Billy Ray Cyrus Urges Miley Cyrus To Return To Twitter

By Robert Paul Reyes


"Miley Cyrus` fans aren`t happy that the pop phenom closed her Twitter account Thursday. Especially one particular admirer, who just happens to be related to her.

`Miley. You are a light in a world of darkness. You were born `Destiny Hope Cyrus` for a reason,` her father, Billy Ray Cyrus, tweeted Thursday night. `You can`t leave everyone now. We r countin on u.` Read more:

Billy Ray Cyrus has an achy breaky heart because his young heartthrob daughter has quit Twitter. Billy Ray Cyrus attempts at singing may cause us to shed achy breaky tears, but he is marketing savvy. The country crooner realizes that Twitter is a great way for young celebs to keep in touch with their adoring fans.

I hope that Miley will listen to her wise dad, millions of Miley fans hang on her every tweet. Multitudes of young girls may not survive to adulthood without their daily dose of Miley tweets.

Miley`s tweets are indeed a light in a world of darkness. Miley, we r countin on u, tweet 4 us again lest the world end.