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Published:October 12th, 2009 11:13 EST
Woman Sees Jesus In Kitchen Curtains

Woman Sees Jesus In Kitchen Curtains

By Robert Paul Reyes


"It`s a visitor Barbara Brame says she never imagined having. She`ll never forget the June day she believes Jesus came into her kitchen.

`Something told me to look in the kitchen and I sat and I looked in the kitchen. I looked at the window, and that`s when I see this image focused on my curtain,` said Brame.

Sure enough, on the bottom portion of the middle of Barbara`s curtains lie a fairly visible face. At least an eye, nose and mouth." Read More

It should be pointed out that Brame is an ordained minister, and therefore not surprising that she interpreted wrinkles and smudges in her curtain as the face of God.

A horny teenager might see the face of a porn star in the same curtains, and a practical person would simply wash the damn curtains.

The "face of God" probably consists of mildew, dust, dirt and a few wrinkles. Unwittingly, Brame is telling us how much her faith in the Almighty is worth.

I wouldn`t be surprised if God tells Brame to put the curtains up for auction on eBay.