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Published:October 13th, 2009 13:33 EST
Kanye West In Seclusion After VMA Disaster

Kanye West In Seclusion After VMA Disaster

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Reports in the American press state that Kanye West could be set to take a break - by heading to an Indian retreat.

India has long had a place in popular culture. The nation`s vast countryside mixed with its religious subtleties have made it a rich source for pop star inspiration, with many seeking refuge in the ancient land." Robin Murray/Clash Music.Com

Kanye West has gone into seclusion since ruining Taylor Swift`s big day at the MTV VMA Awards. West canceled his upcoming tour with Lady Gaga, and he snubbed the BET awards despite being nominated for nine awards.

West doesn`t need to travel to India to seek spiritual enlightenment, and to work out his personal demons. The controversial rapper simply needs to look in the mirror, and admit that he`s a jerk who needs to mend his ways.

West is expected to spend a month in an ashram in India, that`s not long enough. West needs to stay in India for a couple of years, that`s equivalent to a couple of generations in the rap game. By the time West comes back to the US nobody will remember him, or care about him.