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Published:October 15th, 2009 15:42 EST
Pop Tart Paris Hilton Buys Piglet

Pop Tart Paris Hilton Buys Piglet

By Robert Paul Reyes


"Paris Hilton has moved on from tiny dogs to tiny pigs and not surprisingly, PETA is none too pleased about it. The animal rights group has taken issue with the news that Hilton has decided to purchase herself what`s believed will be the next completely inappropriate celebrity accessory: a mini-pig.

PETA released a statement to TMZ, in which they accused Paris Hilton of setting a `wretched example` of how to treat animals, because she treats them as if they were `as disposable as her friends and fiancés.` Zing! Those PETA folks sure are sassy. Read More

Paris Hilton is symbolic of American mindless consumerism; the gazillionaire celeb spends millions on jewelry and designer accessories. The jaded heiress discards her accessories as often as she changes her underwear. Oops, bad analogy, Hilton has an aversion to wearing panties.

Hilton is often photographed with a Chihuahua perched on her lap, but the bimbo is no animal lover. The tiny creature is just another fashion accessory to Hilton, and she has no more emotional attachment to the dog than she does to her belly button ring.

Hilton recently bought piglets from the well known breeder "Patty at Royaldandie", this breeder should be picketed by PETA for selling those adorable creatures to such a monster.

Hilton`s greed and excess may be very pig-like, but she is unworthy to raise the piglets.

Shame on Paris Hilton, and shame on the breeder!