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Published:October 16th, 2009 20:14 EST
Eminem Says No To Collaboration With Madonna

Eminem Says No To Collaboration With Madonna

By Robert Paul Reyes


"Madonna landed the cover of the new Rolling Stone this week, and aside from talking about her long career in music, her love life, and her approval of Lady Gaga, she also mentions a hip-hop artist who would not work with her.

According to the `Material Girl,` she had previously reached out to Eminem for a collabo, and guess what? Em turned her down.
`I wanted to work with Eminem. I don`t think he wanted to work with me. Maybe he`s shy,` the music icon said." Read More

Madonna is an icon but she`s no longer the reigning Queen of Pop. Her appeal is primarily to the gay community and to adults who grew up listening to her music. Madonna has zero influence on the music scene today, she is so yesterday.

Madonna gushes over new stars like Lady Gaga in a desperate attempt to try to look hip and cool. Madge it ain`t happening, your wrinkled hands scare the Bejesus out of the young kids.

It`s not surprising that a rapper, even an over-the-hill white rapper, wants nothing to do with old fuddy-duddy Madonna. Rappers seek to "keep it real", and collaborating with a campy gay-friendly artist would be the kiss of death.

Madonna forget about collaborating with Lady Gaga or Eminem, give Pat Boone a call, he might do a gig with you.