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Published:October 19th, 2009 19:24 EST
Amy Winehouse Can't Get Enough Of Balloon Boy Story

Amy Winehouse Can't Get Enough Of Balloon Boy Story

By Robert Paul Reyes


"Like so many others, Winehouse said she`s totally obsessed with that `Balloon Boy` story. I love the total weird craziness of it all. You know that hoax thing will get them a reality show. That whole thing is just so insane!`` Read More

With her beehive do, meth head rotting teeth, and crackhead wardrobe, Amy Winehouse is the epitome of weirdness. When Winehouse is in the house, expect weirdness to hit you upside your head.

I`m hardly surprised that Winehouse is fixated with the Balloon Boy saga. The Balloon Boy Family should adopt Amy Winehouse, she would fit right in in a clan that believes in UFO`s, and chases tornados and publicity with an insane intensity.

When millions of people worldwide were watching that UFO-shaped balloon flying in the air, I wonder how many wished that Winehouse was a passenger?