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Published:October 19th, 2009 17:35 EST

Video: Whitney Houston Coming Out...of her Dress?

By Robert Paul Reyes


"She may not have known her own strength, but Whitney Houston clearly overestimated the tenacity of her wardrobe Sunday night.

The comeback queen nearly turned the X Factor into the XXX Factor when she suffered a wardrobe malfunction halfway through her performance on the Simon Cowell-fronted reality show.

While performing her new single, `Million Dollar Bill,` on Britain`s Idol-esque series-her first U.K. performance, incidentally, in more than 12 years-the back strap of her formfitting, floor-length gown gave way, and she spent the remainder of the song flapping at her sides." Read More

This was clearly no Britney Spears or Janet Jackson intentional wardrobe malfunction -- there was no big payoff. At no point during Whitney`s performance, not even for a second, did the telecast venture into X-rated territory.

Whitney has a beautiful voice,and she doesn`t need to manufacture a wardrobe malfunction to have a successful comeback. Whitney`s family, friends and fans are totally behind her comeback effort, and we are glad that she managed to retain her dignity and composure.

This was no "Houston we have a problem" scenario, it was a small glitch in an otherwise sterling performance by the princess of pop.