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Published:October 19th, 2009 19:58 EST

Video: You Decide, Is Madonna's" Hung Up" Worst Video of All Time?

By Robert Paul Reyes


"Madonna`s Hung Up has been voted the least sexy music video of all time.

The Queen of Pop`s disco-style video - which saw her gyrating in a purple leotard - proved to be a turn-off for viewers of music video website" UKPA

Nobody looks good in a purple leotard, not even a lovely and nubile 18-year-old girl. It`s one of the great mysteries of all time why Madonna has a penchant for donning purple leotards.

Madonna gyrating in a purple leotard and stiletto heels is the very antithesis of sexiness. Every time the Queen of Pop thrusts her butt at the camera, I fight the urge to vomit.

Madonna`s loathsome video runs for an interminable 5 minutes and 28 seconds, I doubt many people have seen the entire video.

In the video Madonna incessantly repeats "Time goes by so slowly", Indeed it does when you are watching this video, in fact it seems to stand still.

Watch "Hung Up" at your own risk, and see if you agree that it`s the least favorite video of all time.