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Published:October 20th, 2009 16:33 EST
Diva Paris Hilton Demands Live Lobsters On Set Of New Movie

Diva Paris Hilton Demands Live Lobsters On Set Of New Movie

By Robert Paul Reyes


"Socialite Paris Hilton has yet to make a place for herself in showbiz, but is already making diva-like demands. She asked for live lobsters on the set of her new movie The Other Guys.

She makes a cameo appearance in the action comedy, but shocked movie bosses with a three-page demand list, reports" Read More

Paris Hilton is box office poison, none of her movies has come close to being a hit. She shouldn`t be demanding anything, least of all live lobster.

If Angelina Jolie asks for live lobster, the producer himself should hand Jolie lobster on a silver platter. But the next time that Hilton demands a fancy dish, one of the gofers on the set should kick her to the curb. Jolie delivers, almost all of her films are blockbusters. But the only thing that Hilton delivers is a case of the clap to the film crew.

Hilton isn`t even the star of the movie, she makes a brief cameo appearance. The nerve! I hope the producers have learned their lesson, and never again hire the shameless hussy.