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Published:October 22nd, 2009 17:31 EST
Amy Winehouse's Dad Thinks Her New Boobs Are Da Bomb

Amy Winehouse's Dad Thinks Her New Boobs Are Da Bomb

By Robert Paul Reyes


"This is disturbing: When a TV reporter asked Mitch Winehouse how daughter Amy was doing, he replied "Fantastic, fantastic. Her boobs are great as well." Then he backtracked, "I shouldn`t have said that should I?" And then he rambled on, "I didn`t have to pay for the boobs" and went on to question how she got the cash for them. Apparently Amy is broke and begs him for money a lot. That is, unless she is still mega-rich and shelled out the reported $56K for that glorious rack by herself, which OK says is also a possibility." Read More

It`s not surprising that Amy Winehouse is such a trainwreck, her father is a piece of work. If Winehouse is ever to overcome her addictions she needs to ditch her druggie friends, and her dear old dad.

Mitch Winehouse is a leech, he is capitalizing on his daughter`s success by releasing his own album. I`d rather have a root canal than hear Mitch Winehouse croon.

Amy`s dad is in denial! All it takes is a brief glance at the anorexic singer, and even Stevie Wonder will discern that she`s not doing very well at all.

Amy`s fake boobs look udderly ridiculous. Winehouse has legs that look like toothpicks, and then she has gigantic knockers on top. Dear Lord, she looks like a mutant being from Uranus.

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