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Published:October 22nd, 2009 11:59 EST
Kanye West Dead, Victim Of Hoax

Kanye West Dead, Victim Of Hoax

By Robert Paul Reyes


"A hoax posting on Twitter claiming that Kanye West had been killed in a car crash has taken the internet by storm.

`RIP Kanye West` has become the top trending topic on the site and the top Google search term in the USA just hours after someone falsely posted that the rapper was dead." Read More

If "RIP Kanye West" is the top trending topic on Twitter, the second most popular topic is probably "Good Riddance: Kanye West."

Kanye West had a long history of acting like a jerk, but after he ruined Taylor Swift`s big day at the VMAs he became the most hated entertainer in the world. It`s not surprising that people are trying to hurt West by spreading rumors about him.

West needs to disappear for a while, we are sick and tired of him. But instead of keeping a low profile the clueless rapper recently posted an ultra-violent video on his Web site where he engages in a sex scene before stabbing himself.

Some of my co-workers were disappointed when they discovered that the "Kanye West is dead" rumor wasn`t true. Kanye West is surrounded sycophants, maybe this rumor will open his eyes. Hopefully the rumor will prompt Kanye to change his ways, and stop being such a jerk.

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