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Published:October 24th, 2009 14:07 EST
Amy Winehouse Squandering All Her Money On Wild Lifestyle

Amy Winehouse Squandering All Her Money On Wild Lifestyle

By Robert Paul Reyes


"Recession has not curbed the wild lifestyle of Amy Winehouse. However, it has diminished her fortune from 10 million pounds to just 1 million pounds. That means she has managed to squander 9 million pounds from what she had earned last year.

The 26 year old singer has not released an album since the hit `Back To Black` in 2006." Read More

Amy Winehouse uses the proceeds from her CD`s and concert tours to finance her profligate lifestyle. Amy may be a trainwreck, but she`s a very talented entertainer.

However, I refuse to buy any of her records because I don`t want to subsidize her depravity. Winehouse has a new album coming out next year, and I urge everyone not to buy it.

We don`t expect pop stars to be saints, but if they are selfish crackheads we should think twice before showering them with our love and loyalty.

Amy isn`t the only talented pop singer -- I choose to spend my money on products released by artists who aren`t such disasters.

Amy I will listen to your songs when they are played on the radio, but I won`t buy any more of your music until you turn over a new leaf.

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