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Published:October 27th, 2009 17:30 EST
Amy Winehouse Shows Off New Knockers To The Whole World

Amy Winehouse Shows Off New Knockers To The Whole World

By Robert Paul Reyes


Amy Winehouse had quite a coming out party at the British Q Awards - showing the world her new boob job. Read More

Amy Winehouse spent a small fortune on her boob job, and I can understand why she wants to show them off to her fans. It wasn`t much of a surprise when Amy "accidentally" spilled out of her top at the Q Awards.

Some celebs like Paris Hilton and Britney Spears have an occasional wardrobe malfunction, but Amy`s new boobs bust out of her blouse as often as Oprah Winfrey gobbles a bon bon.

Amy is no boob (Ok she is an idiot, but I couldn`t resist the pun), and the troubled singer realizes that next to her golden pipes her knockers are her biggest asset.

In the age of the Internet where p*rn is easily available, Amy realizes that a little cleavage isn`t going to get the job done, she must expose her nipples.

Thanks for the peep show Amy, now how about displaying your vocal prowess?