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Published:October 28th, 2009 10:20 EST
Fans Flock To Michael Jackson's "This Is It"

Fans Flock To Michael Jackson's "This Is It"

By Robert Paul Reyes

" Michael Jackson fans around the world flocked to screenings of `This Is It` on Wednesday, many dressed as their idol or in costumes from Jackson music videos, as they bid a final farewell to the King of Pop.

`This Is It` was culled from 80 hours of film of the singer`s rehearsals for 50 London concerts planned for July which the media dubbed a `comeback tour`. Jackson left the stage in 2005 after child molestation charges of which he was later acquitted.

After a star-studded opening in Los Angeles on Tuesday night and premieres in 16 other cities, the highly publicised film was to go on show in up to 99 countries by Wednesday, expanding to about 110 territories by the weekend." Daniel Munoz/Reuters

"This Is It" isn`t a documentary or a concert film, it`s a mishmash of videos, rehearsal footage and outtakes. But film of the King of Pop rehearsing is a gazillion times better than attending a concert by any of today`s big stars.

Michael Jackson was the greatest entertainer in world history, and his fans treasure any product bearing his name.

You won`t hear fans waiting in line to see "This Is It" chatting about any of the negative stories swirling around Michael Jackson. "This Is It" is a chance for Michael`s millions of devotees to share memories about Jackson, and bid a final farewell to their idol.

Movie theatres screening "This Is It" are "hater free zones", don`t buy a ticket unless you wish to honor the memory of The Thriller.

Parents should take their young children to see "This Is It", let`s spread Michael`s message of love and compassion to the next generation.