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Published:November 1st, 2009 19:18 EST
Paris Hilton's Halloween Party: A Disaster

Paris Hilton's Halloween Party: A Disaster

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Paris Hilton`s glamorous Halloween party ended in a fiasco after her security guards refused to let in hundreds of her VIP guests.

The 28-year-old socialite, dressed as Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz, was spotted screaming at the security men standing at the entrance to her fashionably gated estate.

"These are important people, just let them in for f***`s sake. You`re ruining my f***ing party," the Mirror quoted an angry Hilton, as shouting."


Whenever you read an article about Paris Hilton, you know that you aren`t in Kansas anymore. In Paris Hilton`s drug and booze fueled world, it wouldn`t be unusual to see witches and houses flying in the air.

The skanky heiress dressed up like the virginal Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz for Halloween. Judy Garland must be turning over in her grave. Actually Garland was a bigger mess than Paris Hilton, but at least she was a gifted singer and a terrific actress.

I wouldn`t characterize Hilton`s friends as "important people", if they hang out with her they are wealthy idiots.

Paris Hilton was so furious that she wishes she could have clicked her red shoes and dispatched the security guards to hell.