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Published:November 2nd, 2009 14:01 EST
Michael Lohan Fears Lindsay Lohan May Be Dead Within A Year

Michael Lohan Fears Lindsay Lohan May Be Dead Within A Year

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Michael Lohan, the attention-hungry father of fallen star Lindsay Lohan, has ignored his daughter`s pleas that he stop talking about her to the press. Instead, he`s decided to create another sensation by predicting her impending demise. Michael recently spoke with Grazia magazine and revealed that he fears that Lindsay could be dead within a year." Read More

Michael Lohan cares more about garnering publicity than he does about the health and well being of his wayward daughter. He should be working behind the scenes to save his daughter, and not in the glare of the cameras.

Lindsay has pleaded with her father to stop talking about her to the press, but the press isn`t interested in her dad if he isn`t talking about his famous daughter.

Predicting that Lindsay may be dead within a year got Michael a lot of attention, but it probably guarantees that it will be a cold day in hell before Lindsay talks to him again.

But I do agree with Lindsay`s poor excuse of a father, the troubled celeb could be dead within a year. Lindsay should take a good look at herself in the mirror, and if the wrinkled forehead, bleached hair, puffy lips, fake tan, and puffy lips don`t convince her that she`s on the highway to hell, nothing will!