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Published:December 9th, 2009 15:44 EST
Evil Madonna Doesn't Let Her Adopted Kids Meet Their Families

Evil Madonna Doesn't Let Her Adopted Kids Meet Their Families

By Robert Paul Reyes


"Queen of Pop Madonna has returned to the U.S. without meeting parents of her adopted kids in Malawi, it has emerged. The 51-year-old singer left the place with David Banda and Mercy Chifundo James, both four-year-old, after first dropping in at the construction site of her 9-million-pound Raising Malawi Academy for girls.

She also visited David`s residence for a year, the Home of Hope Child Care Centre. However, the `Material Girl` hitmaker skipped meeting the parents of the two children. James Kambewa, who insists he is the father of Mercy even though he has never met her, said: `I was ready to be reunited with my daughter. I am devastated they denied me a chance of seeing her.`" ANI

Madonna has garnered a lot of positive press for financing the construction of a school for girls in Malawi. But let`s get real, building the school was the price Madonna had to pay to gain custody of Mercy. If the Material Girl really cared about the impoverished countries of Africa, she would finance the construction of hundreds of schools throughout the continent.

The ageing diva should have met with the families of her adopted African children. Her two adopted children are spoiled and pampered brats, David was mugging for the camera and acting like a little jerk. It would do the children good to get in touch with their roots by spending time with their families.

Shame on Madge for depriving her adopted children from meeting with their families. There is a special place reserved in hell for jaded celebrities who buy African babies, and turn them into spoiled monsters.

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