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Published:November 5th, 2009 12:48 EST
Michael Jackson Wasn't A Pedophile

Michael Jackson Wasn't A Pedophile

By Robert Paul Reyes


"Close Michael Jackson friend Dr. Arnold Klein told TMZ over the weekend that Michael Jackson never molested boys, but did have a strange habit of wanting to pee in front of other people. According to Dr. Klein, Jackson thought it was funny to do so. Klein said that Jackson had even peed in front of people while waiting in his office lobby.

According to Klein, this is why Jackson`s 1993 accuser could identify the discoloration on his genitals, because he had likely seen Jackson pee." Read More

Deriving pleasure from urinating in public is a weird fetish, but it pales in comparison to the crime of molesting children. I believe in a "One Strike Law" for pedophiles, any sick freak who hurts a child should spend the rest of his life behind bars.

Michael Jackson was a shy and abused child who grew up to be an adult with many psychological problems. The King of Pop had many eccentricities, but he wasn`t a child molester.

Michael Jackson wasn`t acquitted of child sexual abuse charges because he was a world famous celebrity; he was found not guilty because the charges were bogus.

Michael was a child trapped in a man`s body, and he was sometimes oblivious to the inappropriateness of his antics.

Jackson`s accuser was able to identify the discoloration of his genitals, because he had seen Jackson urinate. It`s disturbing that Jackson would urinate in front of a child, but I believe that he never molested any boys.

It`s time to put these allegations to rest, the King of Pop was not a pedophile! Let`s celebrate the life and legacy of Michael Jackson, and let`s turn a deaf ear to these accusations.

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Let Michael Jackson Rest in Peace Thank GOD! It`s about time! Let the man rest in peace! It is so obvious that the man was a child trapped in a man`s body. He never had a childhood and because of his wealth