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Published:November 6th, 2009 11:46 EST
Peter Howson's Horrifying Portrait Of Amy Winehouse

Peter Howson's Horrifying Portrait Of Amy Winehouse

By Robert Paul Reyes

Artist PETER HOWSON`s unusual portrayal of Amy will go under the hammer at a Scottish art auction on November 10."

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Celebrities are surrounded by managers, publicists and other sycophants who cater to the whims of their employer. I`m sure that Britney`s stooges tell her that she`s a great singer, and Madonna`s subordinates tell her that she doesn`t look a day over thirty.
It`s incumbent upon journalists and bloggers to bring these jaded stars down to Earth, by simply writing the truth. I commend Peter Howson for painting a realist portrait of Amy Winehouse.
Amy Winehouse looks like a crackhead who is at her wit`s end  because she accidentally dropped her last rock down her kitchen drain. Magazines work miracles by photoshopping Amy Winehouse until she actually resembles a human being, but Howson captured her skanky essence.
I wouldn`t bid more than a few dollars for Howson`s painting of Amy Winehouse, and I would use the work of art as a dart board.
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