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Published:November 8th, 2009 18:15 EST
JFK Video: The Dallas Tapes-Assassination 101 for Our Future Conspiratoricians!

JFK Video: The Dallas Tapes-Assassination 101 for Our Future Conspiratoricians!

By John G. Kays


It`s a crisp, clear November day today and we can peacefully enjoy the full-ripening of the fall harvest season. The ensuing Thanksgiving Day holiday will bring some joyful moments to us when we join with family and friends to celebrate the cornucopia of our labors.


It`s a time of year also that we savor discussing our favorite theories of conspiracy. In the past I have often been engaged in heated debate about who may have conspired to kill our 35th president, John F. Kennedy. But then again, I must confess, I`m a trained Conspiratorician, and have a history of this sort of "slacker behavior.`


But enough of this chit-chat, let`s get down to the business at hand. I have found a very nicely done web site that I thought I would pass on to you. If you are seriously considering a career as a Conspiratorician yourself, you might appreciate this page.


It will come in handy for you when you want to brush-up on the overwhelming plethora of evidence, both solid and shaky, that acts as nut and bolt to those troubling days in Dallas. This will provide you with armor, make you stronger, and enable you to debate more solidly with your friends about the thousand changing faces of this most puzzling case in history.


I am taking the refresher course right now, so join me, won`t you, in watching these fascinating vintage television reports, both from the actual time when the president was shot and from later broadcasts, primarily the early 1990s (no hard dates are given here), when a great amount of new evidence was released.


The site is called JFK Video: The Dallas Tapes-vintage and exclusive reports from KDFW Dallas Archives. KDFW 4 was a local television channel in Dallas and covered the assassination quite thoroughly during those tumultuous tragic days in November of 1963.


This project was done in conjunction with The Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza. They now own this old footage, but they have generously loaned it back to My Fox Dallas/Fort Worth for the purpose of constructing this web site. This site makes a gracious contribution to our body of knowledge pertaining to the assassination. This in turn is a great asset to the American people, who are rather in the dark about what really happened forty-six years ago.


Now we can watch this historic footage, with the continuity of so many documents all in one central location.  And now we can construct our own theories, our own historical narratives about what in the world all this means. I will say, that if you have never been to The Sixth Floor Museum, you surely should set aside some time to experience these exhibits for yourself.


I am not able to give you much of a history of KDFW, but I do know that it became Fox 4 in July of 1995. I lived in Dallas a total of twenty-one years and I remember watching KDFW frequently. However, I lived there in three different time segments (1965-1971, 1977-1979. and 1982-1995).


 I was there when a lot of these stories broke, like the shocking revelations of Ricky White (July 1990), about his father, Dallas police officer, Roscoe White, who made claims of some nefarious role he played in a plot to kill the president. It was later revealed that this was merely a hoax, yet some aspects of the story are still asserted as true. It`s nice to see these newscasts again; I definitely recognize these anchors, but I do not remember all of their names. But I do remember one, that`s Clarice Tinsley for sure!


This unique web site is designed with the image of an old television set where you play the old clips, giving it a touch of authenticity. You simply click a segment that you want to view on the left. It will then appear on the TV set; you click the on button knob in the top right and the segment will play.


I`ll just mention for you a few of my favorite segments, but you should make a point to view each and every one of these clips for yourself. The first one is Dan Rather Live from Dealey Plaza. It has been said that Dan`s career was enhanced quite a bit by his coverage of this event.


The second one was Dallas Blamed for Kennedy`s Death. I was especially fascinated by this particular coverage. I lived in Dallas in the mid-sixties, and I remember how hard it was for Dallas to rid itself of the blame, the ravenous guilt, associated with the city for the assassination. I believe they are still trying to clean up their image and reduce the shame it experienced as the result of these events.


Please do not miss this one, it is the segment on the shooting of Oswald by Ruby. It`s comprehensive, uncut footage of the reporters impatiently waiting for the Oswald transfer at the Dallas police station. When you first hear the gunshot, and it seems loud to me, the announcer doesn`t even know what that it has happened. Oswald has been shot. Oswald has been shot, " is muttered almost casually by Channel 4 reporter Bob Huffaker. Ruby seems to come out of nowhere; unbelievable, even today.


Another great one is the first Interview with Marina Oswald given by Eddie Barker for Channel 4.Marina comes off as innocent of what the government was doing to her. And then there is the Exhumation of Oswald in 1981 that concluded that this was indeed the remains of Lee Harvey buried at Rose Hill Cemetery in Fort Worth. Later on I learned from the Nigel Turner Special, The Men Who Killed Kennedy, that the grave had been tampered with most suspiciously sometime between 1963 and 1983.


Please be sure to view the segments under Conspiracies, such as the one on Chauncey Holt, who claimed he was one of the tramps arrested shortly after the shooting of Kennedy in Dealey Plaza. News reporter, Richard Ray, was able to expose his account as yet another false lead.


Don`t forget to watch the section Backyard Photos Investigated, especially in light of the new findings of Dartmouth photographic expert and computer scientist Harry Farid. Farid now believes that the backyard photo of Oswald holding the rifle and the Militant is authentic. I am still very doubtful about its authenticity myself.


So there you have it, a complete set of television reports on the JFK assassination, all for your convenience on one central web page. Get your education now for free and begin to formulate your own opinions about just what happened-November 22, 1963. Let`s see, let`s go back in time again and check with Dan Rather, who is right there in Dealey Plaza, permanently young and frozen for us in black and white images! *(Link is below)