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Published:November 9th, 2009 10:39 EST
Amy Winehouse's New Lips Make Her Look Like Crackhead Trout

Amy Winehouse's New Lips Make Her Look Like Crackhead Trout

By Robert Paul Reyes


"All of a sudden, Amy Winehouse seems to have discovered a fondness for plastic surgery and other related procedures for the purpose of beautification, word in the industry has it. After coming clean about upping her cup size to a 32D, the singer was recently snapped around town with what looked like a new set of lips, EntertainmentWise says." Read More

Maybe it`s true that Amy Winehouse has finally given up drugs and booze, because she seems to have found a new addiction: Plastic Surgery.

First the troubled singer got huge new boobs that look totally out of place in her tiny frame, and now she is sporting a new set of lips that makes her look like a fish.

Amy is so enamored of her new hooters that she is flashing them all over town. Now that the crazy crooner has bulging new lips she`s never gonna stop pouting.

Dear God, I`m gonna have a nightmare of Winehouse suffocating me with her giant knockers while her fish lips are sucking my eyeballs. The horror, the horror!

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