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Published:November 9th, 2009 16:16 EST
Can It Get Worse For Carrie Prejean? Her Mom Saw Sex Tape!

Can It Get Worse For Carrie Prejean? Her Mom Saw Sex Tape!

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Former Miss USA, Carrie Prejean`s mother was present at a screening of her daughter`s solo sex tape.

The graphic home video, which left Carrie`s mother aghast, was screened by Miss USA pageant lawyers to dissuade Carrie from pursuing her $1 million lawsuit against the organization, reports TMZ

Carrie, initially denied it was her in the video, saying, `that`s disgusting.`

However, when the camera turned to her face, showing it clearly, she turned to her lawyer for consultation."

Carrie Prejean`s litany of sins are almost too many to mention: Failing to fulfill her contract with the Miss USA Pageant, posing topless, making an X-rated sex tape, and hating on gays and lesbians.

The born again beauty has been exposed as deceitful and hypocritical, and she has made herself the laughingstock of the country. Every office wag worth his salt  has at least a couple of Carrie Prejean jokes in his repertoire.

But when you do wrong, your actions always have unfortunate consequences for others. I can only imagine the humiliation and anguish that Carrie`s mother suffered when she saw the video of her daughter pleasuring herself. It would be bad enough if Carrie`s mom  had seen her daughter`s X-rated tape in the privacy of her home, but she saw her skanky daughter`s sex tape in a room full of lawyers.

I wonder what will be Carrie`s excuse? The wind forced my legs open? I was only 17 at the time? I uttered "Jesus" while I was, um, pleasuring myself, so the whole thing was a spiritual endeavor?

Sorry Carrie, but your hypocrisy and hatred of our gay brothers and sisters, has made you an acceptable target for ridicule.

Like A Bad Boob Job Leaking Silicon, Carrie Prejean`s Sex Tape Will Leak Online Carrie Prejean has accomplished the seemingly impossible: Male homosexuals who`ve never seen a straight p*rn movie, are dying to see the video of the born again hypocrite pleasuring herself.

Carrie Prejean X-Rated Sex Tape: Too Hot For The Internet Now that is has come to light that Prejean freely allowed one of her lovers to film her as she masturbated, will the Jesus crowd still stand by the disgraced beauty queen?

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