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Published:November 10th, 2009 12:53 EST
Aussie Fans Furious At Lip Synching Britney Spears

Aussie Fans Furious At Lip Synching Britney Spears

By Robert Paul Reyes


Britney Spears, the famous troubled Pop Singer from the U.S. Who is in Australia performing her `Circus` tour, is in hiding in an Australian Hotel as she was `traumatized` by the recent uproar over her lip synching. There were reports that people were walking out of the show after just 3 songs. This lip synching controversy has been going on for quite a while and it is common knowledge that Britney does not sing `live` in all her songs. Read More

People go to a Britney Spears concert for the spectacle, and to see what outrageous costume the pop tart will wear. To be honest, I don`t know why the hell anyone would attend a Britney Spears concert, I`m just guessing.

Nobody goes to a Spears concert to be entertained by Britney`s vocal prowess, without a record producer`s engineering wizardry the pop diva sounds like a cat who is being twirled around by his tail.

Even Down Under people have heard that Britney is a talentless bimbo who lip synchs at all her concerts. I`m shocked that thousands of Aussies walked out of Britney`s concert because they were outraged that she was lip synching. That`s like buying a ticket for a Paris Hilton movie, and demanding a refund because the brain-dead Hilton sucked.

Please!! Everybody knows that Britney can`t sing, and that Paris can`t act. Britney is a known commodity, expect her to lip synch and flash her vagina, but for heaven`s sake don`t be counting on a Whitney Houston like performance.