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Published:November 12th, 2009 14:07 EST
Carrie Prejean Goes Psycho On Larry King Live

Carrie Prejean Goes Psycho On Larry King Live

By Robert Paul Reyes


"Asked about the motivation for the settlement itself (and if it might have anything to do with her recently released sex tape), Prejean answered through pursed lips, `Larry, you`re being inappropriate.`

The moment the first caller said, `I`m a gay man,` Prejean began unhooking her microphone from underneath her sweater and whispering to someone in the wings before staring blankly at the camera.

"I can`t hear you," she said, like a six-year old on a playground.

"That`s because you took the mic off," King replied. Read more

Larry King is a marshmallow, he tosses a steady diet of softballs to his celebrity guests. If King interviewed Adolf Hitler, he would treat the mass murderer with respect, and he wouldn`t bring up the holocaust or anything else that might upset the dictator.

King has never asked an inappropriate question in his long career, and he treated Prejean with respect and deference. The talk show pussycat didn`t ask Prejean any details about the settlement, he merely asked why she settled.

Prejean has such a deep-seated hatred of homosexuals that she unhooked her mic as soon as a caller identified himself as a gay man.

Carrie Prejean doesn`t know the meaning of "inappropriate". A talk show host asking a legitimate question isn`t inappropriate, filming yourself masturbating and then sending the tape to your lovers is inappropriate and very foolish.