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Published:November 17th, 2009 17:02 EST
Lady Gaga Is Not Dead!

Lady Gaga Is Not Dead!

By Robert Paul Reyes


"You know you`ve made it in celebrity land when internet rumours say that you`re dead - when you`re actually very much alive.

Actress Miley Cyrus and singer Taylor Swift were both thought to be dead this weekend, with `Miley Cyrus dead` one of the most searched-for terms on Google and trending on Twitter." Read More

The latest rumor is that Lady Gaga is dead. The controversial artist has been known to kill with her outlandish outfits ( see photographer A.J. Sokalner), but she is alive and well.

If an artist dies, it`s a brilliant career move - check out Michael Jackson`s domination of the Billboard charts. The second best way to pump life into a celeb`s career is by starting a rumor that he/she is dead.

Lady Gaga will do anything for publicity, she may very well be behind the "Lady Gaga Is Dead" rumors. The rumors about Lady Gaga`s demise came at a most fortuitous time: Her new album "The Fame Monster" will soon be available. Coincidence?