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Published:November 19th, 2009 15:11 EST
Amy Winehouse Smashes Fan's Cell Phone

Amy Winehouse Smashes Fan's Cell Phone

By Robert Paul Reyes


"AMY Winehouse may be looking sweet as candy lately, but she`s still fiery as heck.

The jazz bombshell, 26, lost it with fans when they asked to take a snap of her with their camera phone.

The teenage lass and her bloke approached the singer in trendy Camden club KoKo, but Wino was in no mood to say cheese or watch any birdie." Read More

Amy grabbed the phone and smashed it to smithereens.

When you go to the zoo you don`t ask the chimps permission to take their photographs, and when you go to da club you don`t ask crackhead Winehouse if you can snap a pic of her.

Does the paparazzi ask permission before they take photos of the troubled singer, of course not! Winehouse goes to da club to be seen, she shouldn`t be surprised when regular folks snap photos of her.

I hope the teenage lass has learned that you don`t cast pearls before swine, and you don`t treat a crackhead with respect. I have three words of advice for the young girl: Sue Amy Winehouse!

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