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Published:November 19th, 2009 14:25 EST
Gross! Amy Winehouse's New Boobs Leaking!

Gross! Amy Winehouse's New Boobs Leaking!

By Robert Paul Reyes

Amy Winehouse has been taken to the hospital yet again, but this time, it`s apparently because of a leaked boob job. The `Rehab` songstress` father Mitch has hinted that his daughter recently went to a hospital after having problem with her enhanced breasts.

He said on his `Mitch Winehouse`s Showbiz Rant` show while pointing to his chest, `I can`t say why she went into hospital, but it wasn`t because she had a cold. She`s fine, she just had a little leaky something or other.`

U.K.`s Daily Mirror also quotes a friend of the singer that Winehouse saw something `oozing out of her top.`" Read more
This story is shocking, I can`t believe that Mitch Winehouse has a show, who the hell hired that talentless hack?

What`s not surprising is that Amy Winehouse`s boobs sprung a leak, those humongous melons were due to explode sooner or later.

God forgive me for leaving with my dear readers the image of crackhead Amy`s ridiculous looking jugs leaking.

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