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Published:November 21st, 2009 13:11 EST
Amy Winehouse Smokes Cigarette On Way Out Of Health Club

Amy Winehouse Smokes Cigarette On Way Out Of Health Club

By Robert Paul Reyes

"AMY WINEHOUSE went for a session in the gym and then sparked up a fag (Brit slang for cigarette) as she danced out the door.
At least she has packed in the cigars and the Class A drugs."

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Amy Winehouse has an addictive personality (Duh!), and she`s never met a drug that she didn`t like. The troubled singer claims that she`s been living clean and sober for a few months. It could be that the pop diva is telling the truth; I think she`s traded in drugs and booze for  plastic surgery and working out.
The crazy chanteuse is addicted to plastic surgery, she`s supersized her boobs and plumped up her lips, and according to reliable sources the next thing on her list is a butt implant.
The terrible train wreck is also addicted to working out, although heaven knows she doesn`t need to lose any weight. The paparazzi magnet was photographed smoking a cigarette as she was walking out of her health club.
I hope that the clueless crooner develops a new addiction: Watching TV! That way we won`t see too much of her.
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