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Published:November 23rd, 2009 13:52 EST
Will Lady Gaga's Desperate Bid For Fame End In Tragedy?

Will Lady Gaga's Desperate Bid For Fame End In Tragedy?

By Robert Paul Reyes

The singer (Lady Gaga) offered another awesomely divisive performance, singing "Bad Romance" and "Speechless." For the second song, she sat at a fiery piano after breaking a giant mirror. In true Gaga fashion, a mask was involved. Pants weren`t." Read More

Lady Gaga is a very talented singer -- her vocal prowess is second to none. I realize that this statement is as unbelievable as claiming that Oprah Winfrey is as skinny as a model. Don`t take my word for it, listen to the pre-fame Lady Gaga for yourself.


The current incarnation of Lady Gaga is symbolic of everything that is wrong with pop music. Instead of relying on her talent, Lady Gaga feeds the fame monster by wearing outrageous outfits, and staging corny and controversial stunts.

The blood-drenched VMA Lady Gaga performance is still fresh on our minds, but the controversial artist tried to top herself at the American Music Awards by smashing a mirror and playing on a fiery piano.


The only way that Lady Gaga can top herself is by setting herself on fire before a live audience. Go ahead Lady Gaga, feed the fame monster, and give the people what they want.

It`s not about artistic merit, it`s all about controversy and spectacle. Lady Gaga your fans grow weary of your increasingly bizarre stunts. Commit celebrity jihad, and immolate yourself.

The Fame Monster has a killer appetite, and in the end it will consume Lady Gaga.