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Published:November 24th, 2009 12:41 EST
Susan Boyle Is Cooler Than Adam Lambert, Lady Gaga & Rihanna

Susan Boyle Is Cooler Than Adam Lambert, Lady Gaga & Rihanna

By Robert Paul Reyes


"One is making headlines for Simulating oral sex on stage.

Another is aiming for a comeback after a public, ugly break-up.

A third is really, really weird.

And the fourth major artist releasing a new album this week has actually broken pre-sale records, despite having been utterly unheard of just a few months ago." Read More

Adam Lambert is the artist who simulated oral sex while performing at the American Music Awards (AMA). The AMA`s was the perfect showcase for the American Idol star to deliver a knockout performance before an audience of millions of music lovers. However the next day the talk wasn`t about Lambert`s talent or lack thereof, but of his crude and vulgar shenanigans. I`m disgusted with artists who rely on hype instead of letting their music speak for itself. Bottom line, I`m passing on Lambert`s debut release.

Rihanna is the singer who is aiming for a comeback after a public break-up. Rihanna is garnering a lot of sympathy because she was battered by her ex-boyfriend. The sultry singer is devoid of any talent; I might wish her good thoughts, but I`m sure as hell not buying her new album.

Who is really, really weird? This is a gimme, it`s Lady Gaga of course. The Fame Monster is not going to be a part of my record collection, I`m fed up with auto tuned, overproduced pop drivel. Lady Gaga has the talent to release a monster album, but this ain`t it.

The fourth artist has never simulated oral sex on stage, in fact she had never even been kissed until a couple of months ago. She`s never had a nasty break-up, the poor woman has never been in a relationship. And she`s dowdy and plain-looking, but I wouldn`t call her weird. I`m referring to Susan Boyle, she`s a breath of fresh air, and I am eagerly looking forward to buying her CD

The music business is dying because of over-hyped artists like Adam Lambert, Lady Gaga and Rihanna. Lambert and Lady Gaga are gifted and talented entertainers, but they are driving away potential record buyers with their profane publicity stunts.

There is no hope for the music industry, not even Susan Boyle can save it.

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