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Published:November 27th, 2009 15:30 EST
Boy George Kicked Drug Habit In Prison

Boy George Kicked Drug Habit In Prison

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Pop icon Boy George has said that his imprisonment earlier this year helped him get rid of his addiction to drugs."
The former Culture Club lead singer was jailed in January 09 for the false imprisonment of a male prostitute.
The flamboyant singer attended Narcotics Anonymous while he was incarcerated, and he seems to have finally vanquished his personal demons.
I commend Boy George for putting his time in prison to good use, but I can`t forget that during his stint in the Big House he also penned a song in homage to Amy Winehouse. Does he really want to hurt us by extolling the praises of a trainwreck?
Boy George overcame  his drug addiction, but he he wrote a ditty praising the biggest dope fiend in the music business. Hmm, it`s hard to say if the singer`s time behind bars did him any good.
Boy George is a very talented singer/songwriter, let`s hope that he finds a more worthwhile subject matter to write about.