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Published:December 13th, 2009 14:30 EST
Pop Tart Lady Gaga May Be Fined For Smoking On Stage

Pop Tart Lady Gaga May Be Fined For Smoking On Stage

By Robert Paul Reyes

"In other news, the 23-year-old entertainer (Lady Gaga) may be facing a fine as she recently lit up a cigarette during a performance inside a British Columbia venue, where it is illegal to smoke indoors.

According to British Columbia law, smoking in all public spaces such as restaurants, pubs and private clubs, offices, malls, conference centres, arenas, community halls, government buildings and schools is banned.
Those found guilty of breaking this law may be liable to a fine."

Lady Gaga should be fined by the fashion police for for wearing outfits so outlandish that even the most flamboyant drag queen would be embarrassed to wear. The pop diva should be fined by music purists for her reliance on auto tune. The controversial singer should be fined by English professors for writing such idiotic lyrics like: I ain`t bluffin` with my muffin.

Giving Lady Gaga a fine for smoking is like giving a serial killer a fine for jaywalking. Lady Gaga symbolizes everything that is wrong with pop music, and she deserves more than just a fine for smoking.

The next time that Lady Gaga smokes a cigarette during a performance, the cops should do more than just fine her, they should drag her from the stage and throw her in jail.

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