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Published:December 20th, 2009 13:31 EST
Paris Hilton Syndrome Strikes San Francisco Animal Shelters

Paris Hilton Syndrome Strikes San Francisco Animal Shelters

By Robert Paul Reyes


"Animal rescue centres in the San Francisco area are calling it the "Paris Hilton syndrome", and they are not talking about the latest hairstyle or taste in glitzy clothes.

They are referring to chihuahuas, those tiny, wiry, anxious little dogs that the hotel heiress helped to turn into a fashion accessory, as de rigueur as the Prada handbag you pop them into.

Over the past year animal rescue workers have noticed the number of abandoned pooches rise steadily and a third of the dogs in shelters are now said to be chihuahuas. In some centres, the proportion has already reached the halfway mark."

Paris Hilton syndrome has struck San Francisco Bay Area animal shelters, and that doesn`t mean that animal rescue workers are going to work sans underwear and treating customers with disrespect.

It means that a lot of bimbos copied pop tart Paris Hilton, and bought Chihuahuas without having a clue as to how to take care of the adorable animals. When these twits grew bored with the doggies they quickly abandoned them.

A lot of parents buy dogs and cats for their children on Christmas, without giving much thought about who will take care of the animals. Parents should only buy pets for their children after much thought and consideration, a pet is not a friggin` toy, he`s a part of the family.

Advice to silly teen girls: If you want to be like your idol, dress like a skank, but for god`s sake don`t  buy a cute dog you have no intention of taking care of properly.

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