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Published:December 22nd, 2009 19:53 EST
Amy Winehouse Hasn't Changed, She's Still Nuts

Amy Winehouse Hasn't Changed, She's Still Nuts

By Robert Paul Reyes


"DRUG-ravaged AMY WINEHOUSE was facing a police probe last night for allegedly kicking a theatre manager in the groin - after hurling four-letter abuse at PANTO stars.

OH YES SHE DID! Parents and kids were shocked as the singer - in the audience for a performance of Cinderella - heckled the cast and kept shouting: `He`s f***ing behind you` during the show." Read more

We are living in a tabloid world, and in the tabloid industry the UK`s "The Sun" is the gold standard. If "The Sun" reported that Britney Spears turned Elton John straight, I would believe it.

I believe this distinguished tabloid when it reports that Amy Winehouse kicked a theatre manager in the groin, and that she was hurling profanities at the actors during a performance of Cinderella.

Lately there have been a spate of reports in the media that Amy Winehouse had finally kicked her drug habit. Yeah, right! She`s still a clueless druggie who behaves as if the world revolves around her. Only a drug-deranged diva would shout obscenities at a performance attended by parents and their children.

If that theatre manager has any sense he will sue Winehouse, and hold his groin all the way to the bank.

Let`s pray that Amy Winehouse will stay home for the holidays, that would be a terrific Christmas presents for the longsuffering Brits.

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