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Published:December 24th, 2009 17:56 EST
Online Poll: Snoopy Favorite Pop Culture Dog

Online Poll: Snoopy Favorite Pop Culture Dog

By Robert Paul Reyes

"The `Peanuts` comic strip character Snoopy was named the top dog in pop culture by the American Kennel Club on Tuesday as part of its 125th anniversary celebration, beating out a college sports mascot.

Second place went to Texas A&M University`s mascot Reveille, followed by Scooby Doo, the television cartoon character."


The polling was done via the Internet, that`s why Lassie and Rin Tin Tin and other dogs favored by old goats didn`t make it to the top ten.

Snoopy is a fine choice, he exhibits more intelligence and creativity than his round-headed owner. Snoopy frequently displays that joi de vivre that is the trademark of every good dog. Snoopy enjoys ice skating in the bird water thingy with his best buddy Woodstock.

But a better choice would have been Snoop Dogg, the rapper also exhibits that joi de vivre of the typical stoner. Snoop always has his money on his mind and his mind on his money, when his mind isn`t overwhelmed by weed.

Scooby Do came in at number three, come to think of it there`s not that much difference between Scooby and Snoop. They are both laid back dogs with a reputation for hitting the bong.

Brian Griffin from the hit TV show "Family Guy" made the list at number ten.

Who is your favorite pop culture dog?

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