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Published:December 27th, 2009 13:27 EST
Paris Hilton Gaga Over Lady Gaga

Paris Hilton Gaga Over Lady Gaga

By Robert Paul Reyes


"Lady Gaga`s bizarre fashion statement has found a fan in none-other-than Paris Hilton.

Hotel heiress says that she is in awe of the outrageous stage outfits, the `Poker Face` singer manages to `pull off` and would love her own wardrobe to be as adventurous, Female First reported.

`Dancing to Lady Gaga. Her outfits are so amazing! She is such a style icon! No one can pull it off like she can!,` Hilton wrote on her Twitter page." Read More

Paris Hilton does most of her writing on Twitter, we should thank god for small favors -- the clueless bimbo is restricted to 140 characters per Tweet.

I can see how a simple mind would be fascinated by Lady Gaga`s bizarre and outrageous outfits. Lady Gaga has talent and intelligence, and she is able to fool her fans into thinking that her silly and campy outfits are artistic and political statements.

If Paris borrowed Lady Gaga`s wardrobe, folks would just shake their heads, and exclaim: Paris Hilton is such a stupid skank, doesn`t she realize how ridiculous she looks?

Paris has an adventurous fashion style, the shameless celeb invented and patented the no-panties look. But Paris doesn`t have the panache to rise about skankiness, she can only ogle at Lady Gaga and wish she could pull it off.

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