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Published:December 28th, 2009 11:36 EST
Amy Winehouse's Christmas Drama

Amy Winehouse's Christmas Drama

By Robert Paul Reyes


"Amy Winehouse is suffering from nervous exhaustion after she collapsed at home.

The singer was treated by a doctor who was called out over Christmas.

A source close to Amy, 26, said she already had a serious chest infection before the stress of her recent arrest by police also took its toll."

On Christmas Day we have diverse people drop by: Neighbors, friends, family, and more often than not a someone dressed up as Jolly Old Saint Nick.

But in Amy Winehouse`s home it`s not uncommon for the candy man or an ambulance to drop by on Christmas. The troubled singer has drama 365 days a year, Christmas is no exception.

Amy`s sycophants swear that the crazy chanteuse isn`t drinking or taking drugs. Yeah, right! Druggies frequently suffer from nervous exhaustion and infections: You play, you pay!

The physician advised Amy to keep a "low profile."  Good Luck with that!

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