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Published:December 29th, 2009 14:21 EST
Madonna Raps?

Madonna Raps?

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Madonna is reportedly hard at work on her twelfth studio album, and we hear she`s working on creating a brand new sound than what we`re used to hearing from her. According to the New York Post, Madge is in the studio working with some of the newest chart toppers.

One of the producers on the project is Brendon O`Brien, who`s worked with both Bruce Springsteen and Pearl Jam. Sources say the album will incorporate rock anthems, rap and club beats."

Madonna is a talented and versatile performer, and her prestigious body of work incorporates many genres including pop, house, dance and electronic.

But Madonna rapping? Let`s get real rap is a man`s game -- a young man`s game. A middle-aged pop diva who enjoyed her glory days decades ago has absolutely no business trying to rap.

Madge goes to desperate lengths to try to retain a youthful image, she keeps a score of plastic surgeons on retainer and she works out like a maniac every day. But Madonna rapping is sad and pathetic.

Girlfriend, you are older than dirt! Take up gardening, and forget about rapping. Rapping old ladies are funny, they ain`t hip and they ain`t happening.

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