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Published:December 30th, 2009 13:16 EST
Charlie Sheen Is A Saint Compared To Evil Tiger Woods

Charlie Sheen Is A Saint Compared To Evil Tiger Woods

By Robert Paul Reyes

Charlie Sheen has appeared in many successful films including Platoon and Wall Street, and he is currently starring in the hit sit-com Two and a Half Men.

Sheen`s personal life is even more exciting than his life onscreen, he accidentally shot his then-fiancee Kelly Preston, and overdosed on cocaine. But Sheen`s greatest claim to fame is his admission that he was a frequent customer of Heidi Fleiss` call girl service, spending over 50,000 on the services of hookers.

Once again Sheen is in the news for an incident that has nothing to do with his acting career. His wife, Brooke Mueller, told police that Sheen pinned her on the bed, put a knife to her throat, and threatened to kill her in a fight that started when she said she wanted a divorce.

The controversial actor admits they had a marital spat, but he vehemently denies putting a knife to her throat.

Some pundits have had the audacity to compare Charlie Sheen with Tiger Woods. Sheen is a saint compared to the reprehensible athlete.

Tiger is a hypocrite who made millions on a carefully crafted image as a wholesome family man and consummate professional. Now the whole world knows that the disgraced golfer is the antithesis of the image he projected. Sheen is no Boy Scout, but at least he doesn`t pretend to be a paragon of virtue.

" A new study from UC Davis estimates Woods` scandal cost the shareholders and the economy 12 billion dollars."`

Tiger`s fall from grace cost his sponsors dearly, Sheen`s latest troubles won`t cost his sponsors a dime. Everybody already knows that Sheen is a bad boy, and I doubt he will lose any sponsors.

Tiger Woods treated his marriage vows with contempt, the cheating golfer had unprotected sex with dozens of porn stars, cocktail waitresses and other assorted bimbos. If it`s true that Sheen threatened to kill his wife when she mentioned divorce, it`s only because he wanted to preserve his marriage. Sheen is Husband and Father of the Year compared to the despicable Woods.

Tiger is a black man who is ashamed of his own race, he sleeps only with blond, blue-eyed bimbos. Charlie, on the other hand, slept with over a hundred prostitutes of every race, color and creed.

Tiger Woods is a yellow-bellied coward who has yet to make a public appearance after his fall from grace. Charlie keeps it real, and he freely discusses his many failings. Sheen may go to rehab for the third time, instead of living in denial and refusing to admit he has a problem. Now that`s a role model!

In spite of his fame (notoriety?) Sheen is a regular guy, and I will continue to watch his sit-com and go to his movies. Tiger Woods is a cowardly prima donna, and it will be a cold day in hell before I buy any of the products he endorses.

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