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Published:January 3rd, 2010 14:59 EST

Paris Hilton, Her Pig And A Stuffed Animal

By Robert Paul Reyes

Paris Hilton loves her piglet so much, she sleeps with it every night. In this photograph the pop tart is holding a piglet and a stuffed animal.

From the perspective of an animal rights activist, this photograph demonstrates that the pop diva holds a real animal and a stuffed animal in the same regard. Hilton is often photographed holding her Chihuahua, the pampered socialite considers her tiny pooch as just another accessory.

From the viewpoint of a moral crusader this image symbolizes that the skanky celeb is on the same moral plateau as a dirty pig. Hollywood is mired in moral depravity, and it`s not surprising to find out that Hilton and a pig sleep together.

From the standpoint of a snarky blogger this photograph begs the questions: Who`s smarter? Paris, the pig or the stuffed animal? Paris has just enough brain cells to get in trouble; the stuffed animal doesn`t have a brain and so he will eschew trouble, and the poor pig has enough brains to be mortified photographed in Hilton`s lap.

I hope the piglet runs away, he would be so much happier in a pig pen than in the moral sinkhole that is Hollywood.