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Published:January 5th, 2010 01:10 EST
Tiger Woods Goes Gangsta For Vanity Fair Cover

Tiger Woods Goes Gangsta For Vanity Fair Cover

By Robert Paul Reyes


"Tiger Woods gets the Annie Leibovitz photo treatment in this month`s Vanity Fair.

The photos of a barechested Woods were taken, of course, before his sexual scandal exploded in the media last month." Read More

The steroids-enhanced physique of Tiger Woods graces the cover of this month`s Vanity Fair.

Tiger Woods is no longer a sports icon, he is a scandalous celeb like Britney Spears and Lindsay Lohan, and it`s appropriate that he`s on the cover of a non-sports publication.

Photographer Annie Leibovitz made her name photographing celebrities, the disgraced golfer is just the latest celeb getting the Leibovitz treatment.

Tiger Woods has a mean and surly expression of his face, the famous photographer always captures the essence of her subjects.

In the cover photograph Tiger is holding dumbbells -- another example of the duplicity of the scumbag golfer, allegedly he got buff courtesy of steroids and not weights.

The real Tiger Woods is toxic and being in close proximity to him can be nausea-inducing. But I`m sure the ladies will appreciate the Vanity Fair eye candy, I just hope none of them ever has the misfortune of having anything to do with him.

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