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Published:January 5th, 2010 11:37 EST
Tila Tequila's Girlfriend Casey Johnson Dead At 30

Tila Tequila's Girlfriend Casey Johnson Dead At 30

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Train-wreck heiress Casey Johnson - the wild-child daughter of Jets owner Woody Johnson and great-granddaughter of the founder of Johnson & Johnson - was found dead in her LA home yesterday.

Casey, a debutante-turned-party-girl whose recent antics included an `engagement` to lesbian lover and B-list reality star Tila Tequila, was 30.

Tequila last night was telling pals that she believed Johnson had OD`d on prescription pills, RadarOnline reported." Read More

We must not speak ill of the dead, and so journalists struggle to say something nice about Casey Johnson. To hell with hypocrisy, I will shed no tears for an oxygen thief.

Even the most self-centered persons accomplish some good, but I googled Casey Johnson and couldn`t find anything good to report.

All I discovered were tales of debauchery and depravity. According to Wikipedia the gazillionaire Johnson stole jewelry, shoes and other items from a friend, and she left a used vibrator as a calling card.

If Johnson`s fans, assuming she has any, wish to properly memorialize her, they should leave vibrators instead of flowers by her grave.

Casey`s lover, Tila Tequila, is another piece of work. Tequila makes Lindsay Lohan look like a gifted thespian and a humanitarian.

As a chronicler of pop culture it`s my duty to write about the death of a celebrity. I`ve been faithful to my duty, but now I feel so dirty that I must take a shower.

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