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Published:January 7th, 2010 17:10 EST
Amy Winehouse Addicted To Buying Slutty Expensive Underwear

Amy Winehouse Addicted To Buying Slutty Expensive Underwear

By Robert Paul Reyes


"AMY WINEHOUSE has swapped the drugs for a new addiction - designer lingerie sprees.

The troubled singer will spend up to £3000 a time on sexy underwear in shops such as Agent Provocateur to show off her boob job, according to her dad Mitch." Read More

Amy Winehouse dad knows a bit too much about his daughter`s proclivities. It`s kind of creepy that he knows where his troubled daughter buys her undies.

We should be grateful that Amy wears panties, too many bimbo celebs step out sans underwear. The world has survived Winehouse flashing her fake boobs to the paparazzi, but if she flashed her nether regions it might bring on the destruction of Western Civilization.

If Amy had traded in her crack addiction for designer lingerie sprees it wouldn`t be such a bad thing. But Amy`s bizarre behavior and unkempt appearance clearly proves that she`s still taking illicit drugs.

We don`t care if Amy is wearing panties from Sears or Victoria`s Secret, we just want her to give up the booze and the drugs.

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