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Published:January 7th, 2010 12:34 EST
Madonna Steps Out With Face Covered By Mesh Scarf

Madonna Steps Out With Face Covered By Mesh Scarf

By Robert Paul Reyes

"The world`s most famous pop star clearly was not ready for her close-up as she left the cinema in New York last night.
Dressed to keep out the chill in a black fur Russian style hat, a sensible padded coat and trousers, Madonna, 51, also used her waffle-style mesh scarf to completely hide her face.
The young Brazilian model himself was wearing a balaclava which hid most of his features."

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The Material Girl may be all covered up in this photograph, but it`s very revealing.
It`s not uncommon to see a little girl dressed up just like Mom. Madonna is showing ownership of her toy boy by forcing him to cover up his face just like mommy.
Is Madonna covering up her face because she finally realizes that she`s an old lady who is no longer a beauty queen? Is Madge covering up to protect herself from the cold?
Nah, I think it`s a stupid fashion statement, I`ve seen Lady Gaga wear similar mesh scarfs.
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