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Published:January 9th, 2010 10:51 EST
Tiger Woods Poses With  Hooters Waitresses

Tiger Woods Poses With Hooters Waitresses

By Robert Paul Reyes


"It`s Friday. And it`s Hollywood. And this picture of a young Tiger Woods with a bunch of Hooters waitresses makes us giggle.

The original image -- this is a detail of a photograph of the picture snapped by one of the Ministry`s many, many, many in-house consultants -- is framed and hanging at the couple-years-old Hooters on Hollywood Boulevard, near Grauman`s Chinese." Read More

The LA Times blogger invited his readers to come up with a caption for this photograph, but instead of captioning the image, I will analyze it.

This was not a photograph that was planned days in advance, on the spur of the moment Tiger was asked to pose with a gaggle of Hooters waitresses. Nevertheless, this pic reveals a lot about the character of the disgraced golfer.

Tiger is wearing his ubiquitous Nike headgear, if you do a Google image search of Tiger Woods must of the images depict the golfer wearing a Nike cap. Above everything else Tiger is a tool of the megacorporations, they own him lock, stock, and barrel.

As an African American Tiger Woods should be ashamed of shilling for a company that contracts with sweatshops in countries such as China, Vietnam, Indonesia, and Mexico.

The playboy athlete is surrounded by ten Hooters girls, and it`s interesting to note that all of them are white. I don`t think that any minority Hooters girls were forbidden to pose with Tiger, but this pic accurately depicts Tiger`s obsession with white women.

You probably won`t find any photos of Tiger posing with a group of female lawyers, physicians or teachers. Tiger views women as nothing more than orifices for his sexual gratification. The arrogant and misogynistic superstar has no respect for any women, least of all his longsuffering wife.

Tiger is in the center of the photograph, the pampered jock has always been the center of attention. But now he is in the center of a media storm, and the coward is hiding out in his mansion.

Any caption suggestions, send me an email. If I get more than a few, I will share them with my readers.

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